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William H. Darr School of Agriculture

AGP 485 - Weed Science - Fall 2013

Required Text:  Weed Science, Principles and Practices Third Edition (2008), by Merrill Ross and Carole Lembi. Ashton. 

Recommended Text for Weed IdentificationWeeds of the Midwestern United States and Canada (2010), by  Charles T. Bryson, Michael S. DeFelice (editors).

The above 2 books should be available at the area textbook stores.)

Other useful weed identification guides include:

  • Weeds of the Great Plains (2003) by James Stubbendieck, Mitchell J. Coffin, L.M. Landholt

  • Weeds of the Northeast (1997) by Richard M. Uva, Joseph C. Neal and Joseph M. DiTomaso. 

  • Weeds of Nebraska and the Great Plains (1994) by J. Stubbendieck, G. Y. Friisoe and M. R. Bolick  (just an earlier version of Weeds of the Great Plains).

  • Weeds of the North Central States (1981).  North Central Regional Publication 281.  College of Agriculture, University of Illinois, Agriculture Publications Office, 123 Munsford Hall, Urbana, IL 61801.  (This book is often available at area extension offices.  Springfield=s office is at 833 Boonville.)

  • Weeds (1987), by Alexander C. Martin.  Golden Press, NY.  Western Publishing Co., Inc., Racine, WI.

 Course Content:


Chapter from Ross & Lembi Text

Introduction, Weeds and Their Importance


Weed Biology and Plant Systems

2, 5 and handouts

Ecology of Weeds and Invasive Plants

3 and handouts

Mechanisms of Plant Invasions

4 and handouts

Integrated Weed Management for Crops and Invasive Weeds


Introduction to Herbicides


Herbicides and the Plant


Herbicides and the Soil

6, 10

Herbicide Resistance


Herbicide Formulations, Calibration & Application Equipment, Cultivation Equipment

22, 23, 24

Chemistry & Classification of Herbicides by Mechanism of Action

12-15 and handouts

Weed Life Cycles and Management


Weed Management Practices in Various Cropping Systems, including Aquatic Weed Management


Troubleshooting Weed/Herbicide Problems


Future of Weed Management




Dr. Pam Trewatha

Karls Hall Room 204

Office Hours:   TBA

  • hursday 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Phone:  836-5097 or 883-8397


Weed Identification

Use ID list links at above left to look at photos of weeds on ID lists for this semester.

For working on identifying your collection weeds, use the Midwest Weed Link to see a list of weeds with links to photos and descriptions.

Blackboard at MSU

You will need to use Blackboard to access the lecture units, assignments, messages, weed ID information, grades posted.  Log on using your user ID and Blackboard password.

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