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Common Burdock

Arctium minus Bernh.

Asteraceae (Aster Family)

▲ seedlings

▲▼ first year rosettes


▲ bolting plant 

▲ stem


▲▼ mature, flowering plant


▲▼ flowers and bur-like fruit (lower plant has almost white flowers)


▲▼ mature fruit on plants


Arctium minus Bernh., Common Burdock: (Bayer Code:  ARFMI; US Code ARMI2)

         Biennial weed that produces large, pubescent triangular leaves (12-24 inches long and almost equally as wide) in first year

         Second year produces elongated stalk 2-6 feet tall with rounded to urn-shaped spiny-bracted flower heads with purple flowers

         Found in pastures, roadsides, open woods, non-crop areasócan tolerate moderate shade

         Not as common, similar woolly burdock has more spherical heads that are often darker purple/blackish in color, plus the spine-like bracts on the inflorescences are interwoven with cobweb-like  hairs


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 Updated 19 January 2019