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Paspalum dilatatum Poir.

Poaceae (Grass Family)

▲ mature plant

▲▼ mature plant with inflorescences

▲▼ prostrate stem growth with wide leaves, often with reddish-purple color, especially in full sun

emerging inflorescence


▲▼flower details

▲ ligule and ▼ collar region of leaf

Dallisgrass/Paspalum spp: 

·         warm-season, simple perennial clumping grass with spreading growth habit (not a creeping perennial)

·         looks very similar to crabgrass, but leaf blades slightly wider, stem bases and leaf sheaths have red or purplish coloring in late season

·         ligule is membranous

·         inflorescence different from crabgrass; 3-5 branched "stair-step" panicle; individual florets/seeds look like half-spheres—has 4 rows of seeds/flowers per panicle branch


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