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Hemp Dogbane, Indian  Hemp

Apocynum cannabinum L.

Apocynaceae (Dogbane Family)

▲ colony of hemp dogbane in a field

▲▼ young plant stem emerging from creeping roots

▲ young, pre-flowering plant

▲▼mature flowering plants


▲▼ mature flowering plants





▲▼plant with twin fruit pod clusters

▲ fall foliage color is often a clear yellow

Apocynum cannabinum L.; Hemp Dogbane: (Bayer Code:  APCCA; US Code APCA)

·         a warm-season, creeping perennial weed with rhizomes

·         similar in appearance to milkweeds, with opposite, oval leaves, and milky or clear sap

·         grows 2-5’ tall, usually with much branching toward the top of the plant

·         flowers in terminal umbels, white to greenish white or sometimes slightly pinkish white

·        similar species,  spreading dogbane has larger, bell-like pink-white flowers, and more horizontal branches and leaves

·         seed pods are long, slender in pairs—like horns—from top of plant; seeds have parachutes like milkweeds

·         poisonous to livestock

·         common in drier soils, in pastures, cultivated fields, roadsides, non-crop areas

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Updated 15 January 2019