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Peppervine, Pepper Vine

Ampelopsis arborea

Vitaceae (Grape Family)

▲▼ new foliage showing reddish color

▲▼ stem with tiny flower cluster

▲ vine growing along edge of road

Ampelopsis arborea:  Peppervine or Pepper Vine

Location near campus:  inside south fence of Japanese Stroll Garden at the Botanical Center in Springfield, MO

         has alternate, bipinnately compound leaves that are glossy-red when they emerge, turning medium to dark green; leaves are 4-8 long and about 2/3 as wide, with to 1 inc long leafleaflets with toothed margins

         vines can grow 20-30 feet long/tall and more; climbs by clasping tendrils located opposite leaves at nodes

         has axillary clusters (panicles) of tiny white flowers in late spring

         fruit is a 1/3 inch diameter purple berry, edible to wildlife

         very rampant growth, almost considered a weed in southeastern U.S.

         native to Missouri and southeastern U.S.


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