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Spatterdock, Cow Lily, Yellow Pond Lily

Nuphar lutea (L.) Sm.

Nymphaeaceae (Water Lily Family)

▲▼ colonies in shallow water

▲▼ flowers (small, yellow, globe-like structures)


Spatterdock, Yellow Water Lily, Cow Lily

         U.S. native creeping perennial plant in the Water Lily family (Nymphaeaceae) that  produces thick, spongy rhizomes that spread along pond sediment

         Has large, round to heart-shaped or triangular leaves that lay flat on the surface of the water or emerge slightly above it

         Has small, globe-like in bud, yellow flowers that can be fragrant (when first opened) to foul-smelling (a few days after opening)

         Prefers shallow, still water


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