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Internship Initial Work Report and
Learning Plan Paperwork

Dear EM Major:


Filling out this form will start you on the path to register for MGT 494, the Internship Course.

Carefully complete this form, click submit, and then print the resulting report (the completed form).  This report will become your official application for permission to register for MGT 494.  You will drop off the resulting printed report in Dr. Rothschild's Door Bin (Glass 412) and follow the next steps, found as a checklist on the resulting report.


Make sure all the proper nouns are capitalized and numbers are dashed properly, as you would in a handwritten application.  The resulting report will match the submitted answers exactly.  

Make sure you complete all sections, unless not applicable.  Once submitted, you may not be able to change your answers.  It is advisable to print a blank copy of the form first, to ensure you have all the necessary information; then complete the online form.


Initial Work Report

Personal Information





    Your M#:
  . .  


Address in Job City

 (You need to complete this only if your address will change when you start to work.)


Company Information



Learning Objectives

To get the most from your experience, it is important to identify what you hope to learn in this position.  Learning objectives are statements that clearly, measurably and precisely specify what you intend to learn from your co-op experience.  It should state what you want to learn and how you plan to accomplish the learning.  Examples:  1) A poor objective might say,  “To improve my communication skills.”  A better objective would say, “To improve my writing skills by producing newsletter articles and press releases that will meet the writing standards of my supervisor.” 2) A vague objective would be “To become a better event planner.”  A more specific objective would be “To learn the ins and outs of the wedding planning industry so that I can serve as the key event planner for a wedding by the end of my internship."

Learning objectives generally fall within three categories: 1) Academic goals, which involve applying skills learned in the classroom to a work environment and developing new skills not learned at school.  2) Career-related goals, such as increasing your marketability and learning more about the type of careers available to you.  3) Personal goals like knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses, coping in a new environment, etc.  For more information about how to set and meet your goals, read “Learning on the Job

 Please identify two learning objectives from each category below.