Links to Health Care Web Sites 

Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Most Requested Series (allows you to retrieve only the most popular series - less flexible, more user friendly.)
Selective Access to Data Series (allows you to construct the data you want more specifically - most flexible, less user friendly.)
Bureau of Economic Analysis
Personal Income by State and Region
State and Regional Data
International Data (relating to trade)
Economic Report of the President (excellent source for National Income Data, etc. for the U.S.)
1999 Report
1998 Report
1997 Report
1996 Report

Economic Resources on the Web
The Health Care Financing Administration
The Health Library (Stanford University's health care information home page, for consumers and researchers.)
Medical Source (A Medical Care Resource web page)
National Center for Health Statistics
National Library of Medicine: Medline (Search medical journals and other publications)
Healthfinder (a site which allows data and other information searches for health care topics).
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Search Engines - Web Sites that help you find stuff

General Search Engines
Hot Bot

Missouri State Library
Harvard Library (use Hollis, for which you must have telnet capability)
The Library of Congress

Academic Search Engines
CARL (usually you'll want to use "uncover" to search the data base.)
Proprietary Indexes
Available through Missouri State - you either must be on campus to use these indexes or using the Missouri State dial-in modems if off campus.

EBSCOHost - this source has quite a few journal articles on-line, including the full text and tables.
First Search
an excellent source for journal article searches. The Missouri State library does not currently subscribe to ECONLIT under First Search, an economic literature database. However, I have requested that they consider subscribing. First Search still is a useful search engine.
InfoShare - this site is more useful for education majors and sociologists but may be occassionaly useful.
IAC SearchBank - this site, similar to EBSCOHost, has journal articles on-line, including the full text and tables. Articles can be printed from the browser, downloaded or e-mailed to you.
Lexis-Nexis - LEXIS®-NEXIS® Academic Universe provides access to a wide range of news, business, legal, and reference information.
Gale Research - Databases about authors, science, and history. Extensive biographical and literary criticism about authors who write in different areas.

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