From time to time, I run across an interesting article in digital form which is related to the physiology that we are studying in this class.  When I do, I copy it and paste it to here.  Below are the basic areas of physiology that we cover in the class, followed by the topic of each news article (if any) on that subject.   These are hyperlinks.  More are added as I find them, so this is an ever-growing (slowly) collection of articles. 

If you find an article that you think would be appropriate, please send it to me (by email or on a disk, naturally).

Nervous System
Nerve growth
    New neurons in the brain
    Brain cell transplants
    Brain growth
    Brain remodeling
    Pain anticipation
    Nicotine and pain receptors
    Integration of sensory input
    Sleep deprivation and brain activity

Sensory Systems
    Color-blindness gene
    Immunity sense??
    Sensory pathology

    Diabetes gene
    Bone growth chemicals
    Estrogen and memory
    Estrogen and breast cancer
    Hormone Replacement Therapy and Menopause
    Post-partum depression
    Leptin research in people

Genes and good athletes

Respiratory System
Physiology of laughing

Cardivascular System (including blood)
    Acupuncture for Blood Pressure regulation
    Clotting proteins cloned
    Hemoglobin evolution
    Mast cells & venom

Renal System

Digestive System

Reproductive System
    Implantation success
    Reproduction & herbs