As you investigate possible career options, a good way to organize the information that you find,
and will use to make comparisons, is to construct a spreadsheet similar to the one below;

Career Field Working Conditions Employment Qualifications Job Outlook Through 2008 Earnings Related Occupations
Sample               Agri/Food Scientist Manage & administer R/D Programs;  Manage marketing or production operations;  Serve as business or govít consultants;  Work conditions depend on specialties. 40% Govít work;  21,000 jobs in 1998;  3,700 self employed consultants. Advanced degree best;  Amer. Society of Agronomy offers certifications;  B.S. = entry research, ranch or manufacturing mgr, inspectors, purchasing or sales agents,. Grow as fast as average;  Career needed to encourage sustainable agriculture;  Very competitive field. Median $42K; Range $24K-$79K;   Fed. Salaries = $54K-$66K Biologist, Chemist, Forester, Conservation Biologist, Farmer, Landscape Architect, Horticulturist, Soil Scientist, Sales Rep.