By:  Clint Copeland Missouri StateU Career Services

(February 7,2003)

       ORGANIZATION                      LOCATION                     POSITION              CONTACT               POSTED

Adventure Experiences, Inc               517 Mallard Lane                             Colorado Guide                 Marc Eckert                           Yes
                                       Trinity, TX 75862                          Colorado Sr. Guide


City Utilities of Springfield            Blackmon Water Treatment          Lab Assistant                           CU HR                                   Yes
Water Analysis                                   Springfield, MO                          $8/hr


Chatfield State Park                       CO                                            Seasonal Assistant           Kris Wahlers                                        Yes                                                                                                                             '


Clay County Parks                               Smithville, MO                          Seasonal Ranger                                                                     Yes
                                                                                                               Seasonal Interpreter                                                               Yes


Collingwood Grain                               Various Western KS               Full-time Crop Service                                                             Yes                                                                                  Locations                         Summer Crop Scout Intern                                                        yes

Missouri Depart of Conservation
         Chesapeak Fish Hatcheries          Mt. Vernon, MO                      Fisheries Aide                                                                        No
         Shepherd of the Hills Hatch.          Branson, MO                        Fisheries Aide                                                                         No


Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources
         Roaring River State Park             Cassville, MO                  Naturalist Intern/Stewardship          Merle Rogers                    Yes
         Multiple Other Parks            Various MO Locations                Naturalist Intern                             George Kastler
        SW Regional Office                   2040 Woodland                   Environment Volunteer          Bruce Martin  (891-4300)            No                                                                     Springfield, MO 65807                   Soils Volunteer               Bruce Martin (891-4300)                                                                                                                                       Seasonal Naturalist                       State Naturalist


Missouri Legislature                       Jefferson City, MO        40 hr/wk Spring Semester              Clint Copeland  (Missouri StateU)             Yes
                                                                                      Legislative Intern           836-5636


Missouri Valley Agri Services                 Columbia, MO                 Crop Scout                               Don Huckla                                  Yes


National Park Service (NPS)
          Wilson’s Creek                          Battlefield, MO               Resource Management Vol.                                                                 No
         National Battlefield                                                            Interpretive Volunteer


NPS Buffalo River                               Jasper, AR                     Seasonal Ranger                                                                                  No


NPS Ozarks Scenic River ways           Van Buren, MO             Water Quality Volunteer                                                                    No
        Housing plus $10/day


Nature Conservancy                     Springfield, MO                    Volunteer                                                                                            No


Ozarks Watershed Committee        Springfield, MO                 Micro-invertebrate Intern          Loring Bullard                           No
                                                                                                        Storm Water Monitor Intern                                                            No
       Photo-Analysis Intern                                                                       No
                                                                                                       Watershed Research Intern                                                              No


Ozark Greenways                                 Springfield, MO             Multiple Volunteer Positions                                                             No
                                                                                                      From hands-on to grant writing


Petit Jean State Park                       1285 Petit Jean Mtn. Rd.         Seasonal Interpreter          Jay Miller                                        Yes
                                                          Morrilton, AR 72110                   $7.70/hr              


Pioneer Seed                              Miami, MO                        Test Plot/Marketing Intern                                                                       yes


Savanah River Ecol. Lab                         Aiken, SC                      Herpetology Research Interns                                                         No


Servi-Tech                                          CO, KS, and NE             Full-time Agronomist             Kirk Rice                                                Yes
                                                                                                     Crop Scout Intern


Missouri StateU Biological Research                Springfield, MO             Paid and Vol. Research Asst.          Biology Dept. Office                  No


Missouri StateU Agruculture Research              Springfield, MO             Paid and Vol. Research Asst.          Agriculture Dept. Office          No


Missouri StateU Environmental Policy Res.        Springfield, MO             Paid and Vol. Research Asst.          Political Science Office          No


Spfd SW Waste-Water Tr. Plant         Springfield, MO             Part-time                                                                                             No


Student Conservation Association
        Multiple US Agencies                Various US Locations          Group Leaders (Paid)                                                                    No
                                                                                                       Volunteer Interpreters and guides                                                   No


USACE Pomme De Terre                     Hermitage, MO                Student Ranger (STEP* and SCEP**)                                             Yes
USACE Stockton Lake                      Stockton, MO                     Student Ranger (STEP and SCEP)                                                   Yes
USACE Table Rock                            Branson, MO                       Student Ranger (STEP and SCEP)                                                  Yes
USACE Truman Lake                          Warsaw, MO                      Student Ranger (STEP and SCEP)                                                  Yes

USDA Natural Resources                     Multiple MO                      Conservations Intern (SCEP)                   Monte Hawks              Yes
          Conservation Services                 Locations                         Volunteer                                           See County Agents              No

US Fish and Wildlife                           Neosho, MO                    SCEP                                                                                                   No


US National Laboratories                     7 US Locations      
          Argonne                                    Chicago, IL                      Summer Research Internships
       Brookhaven                               Long Island, NY             (All pay round-trip travel, provide
         Oakridge                                  Oakridge, TN                  Housing, and pay $239/wk stipend)
         Los Alamos                                 Los Alamos, NM
         Pacific NW Labs                       Richland, WA
         Lawrence Berkely                      Berkley, CA
         Lawrence Livermore               Livermore, CA

World Bird Sanctuary                        Eureka, MO                    Education Intern                                                                                   Yes
                                                                                              Train and show raptors.
                                                                                             Housing plus $100/mo for food

 *STEP – Student Temporary Employment Program  (A Federal Program)

**SCEP – Student Career Employment Program          (A Federal Program)