PRE-TRIP SPECIES LISTS:  For the taxa you have chosen, you must develop four lists of species (one for each desert we visit).  These lists should be annotated, so that they include the characteristics you will use to tell the species apart when we get there and start finding specimens.

DAILY JOURNAL:  You will be given a trip notebook to keep notes on your trip. For example, you should keep a daily journal of things you did, things you saw and things you learned. You might also want to keep track of the people you met. Anything you wish to remember, such as your first impressions, your surprises, etc.

GROUP PROJECT:  Everyone will assist in the group project.  This year, the group project will involve the setting of a 10 x 10 grid of rodent traps.  Since students will be using the captures for individual projects, the class project will not involve any additional data collection.  Likewise, those involved in the rodent data collection will aid other students with their detection/collection of specimens.

INDIVIDUAL PROJECT: Each individual project must be approved in general terms prior to the trip.  However, the details of the project may "evolve" during the trip as necessitated by local circumstances.  The questions to be addressed will all involve comparisons of the 4 deserts.  Quantitative data will be collected to answer these questions.  At the last stop on the trip, we will discuss how to put together both a written report, and a PowerPoint presentation for these projects.  These will be due a few weeks after we return, but substantial progress can be made on these assignments in the last couple days, via the class laptop computer.

ASSISTING WITH CAMP / KP DUTIES:  All students are expected to participate equally (voluntarily and cheerfully) in the running of the campsite.  This includes food prep, cooking, and kitchen clean-up.  It also includes setting up and taking down camp/kitchen equipment, and the packing and unpacking of the trailer.  Please watch for your opportunities to do your fair share.