Research Interests

Biology is a BIG field. Within this, professional biologists all have some specific interests. In these areas, we may have enough expertise/experience to conduct research.  The following table lists those topics for me (with a brief explanation).  For most of my research, I have used mammals as study organism.  Specifically, the mammals that I have studied, in one way or another, include shrews, elephants, bears, giraffes, echidna ("spiny anteaters" from Australia), ground squirrels, cotton rats, and several other rodent species.

Physiological Ecology physiological adaptations of animals to their abiotic and biotic (inter-specific and intraspecific) environment
Metabolism & Energetics factors that affect metabolic rates of animals (mostly mammals), the magnatute of these affects, and the consequences that go with them
Thermoregulation & Hibernation the physiological control of body temperature, and the changes in this physiology when an animal is hibernating
Thyroid Physiology how the function of the thyroid gland and its hormones is involved in changing the metabolic status of an animal
Endocrine Disrupting Pesticides the effects of pesticides on thyroid function and metabolic rates, and on reproduction, in accidentally-exposed wildlife
Reproductive Physiology reproductive hormones and their changes in female cycles and pregnancy in exotic animals