History 121

Class Outlines, Maps, and Images

The Mound Builders (2 Classes)

The English and Spanish Empires in America


Early Virginia


The Other Plantation Colonies


The Origins of Slavery


The Puritans (3 Classes)


Mercantilism and the American Colonial Aristocracy


The Glorious Revolution in America



Enlightenment and Great Awakening

Exam 1


Development of Colonial Politics


The Reorganization of British Empire  (2 Classes)


The Logic of Rebellion




The Critical Period


The Constitution (2 Classes)

Federalists and Democratic-Republicans: Economic Policy


Federalists and Democratic-Republicans: Foreign Policy


Tecumseh and the War of 1812 (2 Classes)


The Market Revolution


Slavery (2 Classes)


Exam 2


The Rise of White Man's Democracy

Jacksonian Presidency

The Northern Middle Class




Manifest Destiny and the Expansion of Slavery (2 Classes)


Free Soil or Nativism


The Civil War  (2 Classes)


Reconstruction  (3 Classes)


Exam 3