Manifest Destiny and 

the Expansion of Slavery

Missouri Compromise  (1820)

-36 30' Line

Republic of Texas  (1836-1845)

-Sam Houston

Election of 1844

-James K. Polk  (Democrat)

-Henry Clay  (Whig)

Mexican-American War

-Wilmot Proviso

-Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo  (1848)

Election of 1848

-Zachary Taylor  (Whig Party)

-Lewis Cass  (Democratic Party)

      -Popular Sovereignty

-Martin Van Buren  (Free Soil Party)

Compromise of 1850

-Fugitive Slave Law  (1850)

Kansas-Nebraska Act  (1854)

-Stephen A. Douglas

-Popular Sovereignty

Republican Party  (1854)  

Dred Scott v. Sanford

Election of 1860  


Manifest Destiny        
    Manifest Destiny              Missouri Compromise,

 East & West Florida       
   East & West Florida            Texas Revolution, 1836

    Mexican War, 1846-1848

 Compromise of 1850
   Compromise of 1850    

  Kansas-Nebraska Act, 1854         The Republican Party
    Kansas-Nebraska Act,              The Republican Party

  Election of 1860
        Election of 1860