History 122 - Lecture Outlines

Industrialization  (2 lectures)
Gilded Age Political Economy

Andrew Carnegie's America
Mark Twain's America

Gilded Age Politics (2 Lectures)
New Immigrants
Late 19th Century Labor
Last West
New South

Exam 1

Populist Revolt  (2 lectures)
Spanish-American War
American Imperialism

Origins of Progressivism
Monopoly and Theodore Roosevelt
Presidency of Woodrow Wilson

World War I
  (2 lectures)
Aftermath of World War I

Red Summer
The 1920s

Exam 2

The Great Depression
The New Deal  (2 lectures)
World War II  (2 lectures)
The Cold War, 1945-1962
  (2 lectures)
Post-1940 American Economy
The Civil Rights Movement
 (2 lectures)
The Vietnam War, 1945-1975
The Imperial Presidency
(2 Lectures)
xam 3