The Plantation South and Slavery

Yeoman Farmers


Capitalist or Feudalistic Economy
      -Lewis Gray
      -Eugene Genovese

Influence of Africa
      -Ulrich B. Phillips,
            -American Negro Slavery (1918)
            -Life and Labor in the Old South (1927)
                  -Folk Tales
                       -Call and Response

Culture of Slavery
      -Stanley Elkins, Slavery (1960)
      -Kenneth Stampp,
           -The Peculiar Institution (1956)
                 -"To Make Them Stand in Fear"
      -John Blassingame,
           -The Slave Community (1972)

      -Plantation Routine
           -House Slaves
           -Field Slaves

           -Thomas Jefferson
           -Sally Hemmings
           -Mary Chestnut


Profitability of Slavery
      -U.B. Phillips (1927)
      -Lewis Gray (1933)
      -Thomas Govan (1942)
      -Alfred H. Conrad & John R, Meyer (1959)
             -Commodity Output Per Capita
                   -in Agriculture and Manufacturing
                            $76 = Northeast
                            $77 = South
                            $64 = Old Northwest

A Healthy Economy?

A Republican Society?

Growth of Cotton & Slavery
     Slave Imports                


      Growing Cotton             Cotton Production


   Plantation Layout 
                       Slave Quarters

       Southern Crops

        Slave Prices

Slaves as a Percent             Slaves per slaveholder
of Total Population