Industrialization and the Corporation


Bessemer Process

Natural Resources

Proper Distribution of Income and Wealth
      -Concentration of Wealth

Government Policy
      -Morrill Tariff (1861)
      -National Banking Acts (1862, 1863, 1864)
      -Direct Subsidies
           -Railroad Land Grants
      -Homestead Act (1862)

Scientific Management
          -Frederick W. Taylor

          -Public Good
          -Spencer Roane (1809)

Corporate Egalitarianism
          -Charles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge  (1837)
          -Roger B. Taney

Santa Clara Co. v. Southern Pacific Railroad (1883)
          -Fourteenth Amendment

Standard Oil Company (1882)
          -John D. Rockefeller

American Tobacco Company (1890)
          -Holding Company
          -James Duke

Sherman Antitrust Act (1890)

Great Merger Movement  (1895-1904)
U.S. v. E.C. Knight (1895)
Northern Securities v. U.S.



Andrew Carnegie
      -Chartist Movement
            -universal male suffrage
            -equal representation in Parliament
            -no property qualifications for Parliament
            -salaries for Members of Parliament
            -secret ballot
            -annual general elections