The Populist Revolt

People's Party

          -Degenerating into European Conditions

Labor Theory of Value
          -Producers v. Exploiters

Democratic and Republican Parties
          -Special Interests
          -Financial Interests

Southern Farmers' Alliance

Populist Convention of 1892
          -Blue-Gray Ticket
                  -Gen. James B. Weaver (Iowa)
                  -Gen. James G. Field (Va.) 

Omaha Platform
          -Transportation (RRs)

Electoral Strategy
         -West and South
         -Farmers and Laborers
         -Blacks and Whites

Grover Cleveland
          -Panic of 1893
          -Sherman Silver Purchase, 1890-1893

Election of 1894

Election of 1896
         -William Jennings Bryan
                  -Arthur M. Sewall (DP)
                  -Thomas E. Watson (PP)

Demise of the People's Party
           -Fusionists v. Middle-of-the-Roaders
           -Spanish-American War


 Election of 1892
     Election of 1892

 Corn & Wheat Price
  Corn & Wheat Prices

Election of 1896
     Election of 1896

Cartoon Presentation