Spanish-American War
and American Imperialism

Pre-1890s American Foreign Policy

Venezuelan Boundary Dispute (1895)

Cuban Revolution (1895-1898)
      -Yellow Journalism
      -Anti-Autonomy Riots
      -De Lomé Letter
      -USS Maine

Battle of Manila Bay

Battle of Santiago Bay
      -Battle of San Juan Hill  

Economic Factors
     -Glut Theory
          -China Market

Intellectual Factors
     -Frederick Jackson Turner
          -Frontier Thesis (1893)
          -Safety Valve
     -Standing Army

Military & Strategic Factors
     -Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan
          -Social Darwinism

Altruistic Factors
     -White Man's Burden
     -Evangelical Protestantism

Philippine Islands 


         Venezuela, 1895

  Battle of Manila Bay, 1898

 Battle of Santiago Bay, 1898

         US & Caribbean

         US & Caribbean

Late 19th Century Colonialism

       China's Concessions


        US Trade Routes