World War I

Central Powers
      -Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
           -Italy joined Allies in 1915

Allied Powers
      -France, Russia, Great Britain

Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Non-Belligerent Status

Preparedness Program  (1915)

"He Kept Us Out of War"

Cultural Factors

Economic Factors
       -Merchants of Death

Psychological Factors
     -Karl von Clauswitz
                 -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
                 -Atilla the Hun
           -Rape of Belgium

Terror Weapons
      -poison gas
      -flame throwers
Gulf Flight  (May 1, 1915)
              -Lusitania  (May 7, 1915)
              -Arabic Pledge  (August, 1915)
              -Sussex Pledge  (March, 1916)

Unrestricted Submarine Warfare  
(January 31, 1917)

Zimmermann Telegram

Russian Revolutions  
(February & November, 1917)

Council on National Defense
     -War Industries Board
     -Fuel Administration
     -War Trade Board
     -Food Administration
     -National War Labor Board
     -Railroad Administration

Committee on Public Information
     -George Creel
     -Socialist Party

Espionage Act (June, 1917)

Sedition Act (May, 1918)

Alien Act (October, 1918)

Battle of Caporetto (October, 1917)

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (March, 1918)

Second Battle of the Marne (July, 1918)

Battle of Meuse-Argonne (September, 1918)

Armistice (November 11, 1918)


      Europe, 1914



 World War I in Europe







  Western Front, 1918

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