Front Page to Seth Zimmerman's translation of Dante's Inferno

I          Dante lost in a dark wood; the leopard, the lion and the she-wolf; Virgil offers to guide him.

II        Virgil explains why he's come; Dante takes courage.

III       The Gate of Hell; the vestibule; the indecisive; Charon

IV        Limbo, the first circle; the unbaptized; the poets

V         The second circle; Minos; the carnal sinners; Paolo and Francesca

VI       The third circle; the gluttons; Cerberus; Ciacco

VII       Plutus; the fourth circle; the prodigal and avaricious; Fortune; the fifth circle;  the wrathful and sullen

VIII      The fifth circle; Phlegyas; the rebellious angels; the city of Dis

IX        The three furies; Medusa; the angel; the sixth circle; the heretics

X          The heretics; Farinata; Cavalcante

XI        The sixth circle; the tomb of the heretical pope, Anastasius; the plan of Hell

XII       The seventh circle; the Minotaur; the violent; the centaurs; Chiron; the tyrants;  the murderers

XIII      The second round of the seventh circle; the wood of the violent against themselves;  the harpies; Pier delle Vigne; Lano; Jacome da Sant Andrea; Florence

XIV      The third round of the seventh circle; the burning sand; the violent against God, Nature, Art; Capaneus; the Old Man of Crete; the rivers of Hell

XV        The third round of the seventh circle; the sodomites; Brunetto Latini

XVI       The third round of the seventh circle; three Florentines; the cord

XVII     Geryon; the usurers; descent to the eighth circle  

XVIII    The eighth circle, Malebolge, first bolgia; the pimps and seducers; Jason;  the second bolgia; the flatterers; Alessio Interminei; Tha´s

XIX        The eighth circle, third bolgia; the simonists; Nicholas III;  the poet's invective against simoniacal popes

XX         The eighth circle, fourth bolgia; the diviners; Amphiaraus, Tiresias,  Manto, Eurypylus

XXI       The eighth circle, fifth bolgia; the grafters; the boiling pitch;  Malacoda; the escort

XXII      The eighth circle, fifth bolgia; the grafters, Barbariccia,  the Navarrese, Alichino, Calcabrina

XXIII     The eighth circle, fifth bolgia; slide to the sixth bolgia; the hypocrites; the jovial friars; Caiaphas; Virgil's distress

XXIV     The eighth circle, sixth bolgia; climb to the seventh bolgia; the thieves; Vanni Fucci; the prediction

XXV       Vanni Fucci's obscene gesture to God; Cacus; the three shades; Cianfa and Agnello merging; Buoso; Puccio Sciancato

XXVI      The eighth circle; prophecy against Florence; view of the eighth bolgia; the deceivers in flames; Ulysses

XXVII     The eighth circle, eighth bolgia; the fraudulent counselors;  Guido da Montefeltro

XXVIII    The eighth circle, ninth bolgia; the sowers of scandal and schism; Mohammed; Curio; Mosca; Bertran de Born

XXIX        The eighth circle, ninth bolgia; Geri del Bello; the tenth bolgia;   the falsfiers; Griffolino; Capocchio

XXX         The eighth circle, tenth bolgia; the falsifiers; Gianni Schicchi; Myrrha; Master Adam; Potiphar's wife; Sinon; Virgil's reproof

XXXI        The bank to the ninth circle; the giants Nimrod, Ephialtes, Briareus; Antaeus lowers them to the central, frozen pit. 

XXXII      The ninth circle, first ring, Ca´na; the traitors to kin in the ice; Camiscion de' Pazzi;  the second ring, Antenora; the traitors to homeland or party; Bocca; one sinner gnawing another

XXXIII     The ninth circle, second ring; Ugolino's story; the third ring, Ptolomea;  Fra Alberigo and Branca d'Oria

XXXIV     The ninth circle, fourth ring, Judecca; Dis or Lucifer; Judas, Brutus, Cassius;  the southern hemisphere; the stars