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MARS Acknowledgements

Updated 18 August 2014

Pete and Ken would like to acknowledge the many helpful contributors to MARS. It has succeeded beyond our wildest expectations and for this we are most grateful. Its success would not be possible without your feedback, suggestions and assistance!

We are pleased to recognize these contributions to release 4.5:

We also appreciate the contributions others have made to previous releases:

We would also like to recognize many others who have contacted us to point out bugs, suggest improvements, or engaged us in interesting correspondence. The bugs have been addressed and the improvements either implemented or added to our wish list. Correspondents include: William Bai, Miguel Barao, James Baltimore, Jared Barneck, Bruce Barton, Rudolf Biczok, Battista Biggio, Carl Burch, Ram Busani, Gene Chase, Lucien Chaubert, David Chilson, Sangyeun Cho, Donald Cooley, Bernardo Cunha, John Donaldson, Abhik Ghosh, Michael Grant, Thomas Hain, John Ham, Kurtis Hardy, Justin Harlow, David Harris, Bill Hsu, Pierre von Kaenel, Amos Kittelson, klondike, Geoffrey Knauth, Sudheer Kumar, Yi-Yu Liu, Jeremie Lumbroso, Paul Lynch, Richard McKenna, William McQuain, Adam Megacz, Alessandro Montano, Judy Mullins, William Obermeyer, Ivor Page, Gustavo Patino, Christoph von Praun, Klaus Ramelow, David Reimann, Patricia Renault, André Rodrigues, Robert Roos, Joseph Roth, Marco Salinas, Peter Schulthess, Ofer Shaham, Scott Sigman, Sasha Solganik, Timothy Stanley, Gene Stark, Josh Steinhurst, Michelle Strout, Didier Teifreto, Mitchell Theys, Massimo Tivoli, Dwayne Towell, Duy Truong, Judah Veichselfish, Vineeth, Daniel Walker, Janyce Weibe, Ben West, and Armin Zundel.

The Mars.jar file contains all source code and, starting with Release 3.6, the files necessary to generate a new jar file should you wish to make changes to the source and repackage it for your own use. Let us know if you do this, so we can consider your changes for the general release.

Thanks to everyone who uses MARS. Keep those cards and letters coming!