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MARS - Mips Assembly and Runtime Simulator

Release 4.5

August 2014

Using MARS through its Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

The IDE is invoked when MARS is run with no command arguments, e.g. java -jar mars.jar. It may also be launched from a graphical interface by double-clicking the mars.jar icon that represents this executable JAR file. The IDE provides basic editing, assembling and execution capabilities. Hopefully it is intuitive to use. Here are comments on some features.

The assembler and simulator are invoked from the IDE when you select the Assemble, Go, or Step operations from the Run menu or their corresponding toolbar icons or keyboard shortcuts. MARS messages are displayed on the MARS Messages tab of the message area at the bottom of the screen. Runtime console input and output is handled in the Run I/O tab.

This document is available for printing on the MARS home page