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Honeyvine Milkweed, Climbing Milkweed

Cynanchum laeve (Michx.) Pers.

Asclepiadaceae (Milkweed Family)


▲▼young shoots emerging from creeping roots in spring


▲mature vine on fence

axillary flower clusters ▲▼


flowers with immature fruit ▲

mature fruit pods ▲

Cynanchum laeve (Michx.) Pers., Honeyvine Milkweed, Honeyvine  Swallowort: (Bayer Code:  AMPAL; US Code CYLA)

o   a creeping perennial, twining vine that climbs by wrapping around objects

o   leaves opposite, elongated, heart-shaped—leaves appear similar to hedge bindweed and field bindweed, but milkweeds have opposite leaves, bindweeds have alternate leaves

o   flowers are white clusters in axils of leaves—sometimes fragrant

o   fruit is a large, smooth textured pod—similar to common milkweed, but smoother

o   found in cultivated fields, urban areas, gardens, landscapes

o   grows in most soil types—prefers more calcareous (limey) soils


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Updated 19 January 2019