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Knotroot Bristlegrass, Yellow Bristlegrass, Marsh Bristlegrass

Setaria parviflora (Poir.) Kerguélen

Poaceae (Grass Family)


mature plants ▲▼

 ▲▼ mature plants


stem bases


emerging inflorescence

close up of inflorescence

▲ ▼ ligule and collar region

▲ short, knot-like rhizomes

Knotroot Bristlegrass, Yellow Bristlegrass

·         Warm-season creeping perennial grass in the same genus as the annual foxtails (Setaria)

·         Grows 12-36” tall and produces rhizomes that have knotted appearance (hence name)

·         Similar in appearance to  yellow foxtail, with stiff, upright, yellowish to reddish-yellow inflorescences on upright stems

·         Leaf blades often more blue-green than yellow foxtail, and can be flat or with a fold at the midvein (younger leaves)

·         Have few or no hairs at the base of the leaf blades (yellow foxtail has long white hairs at base of leaf blade)

·         Stem bases/sheaths may be purplish or reddish


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