Variegated Maiden Grass

(Miscanthus sinensis var. variegata)

Poaceae (Grass Family)

▲▼ plants showing lengthwise white stripes on leaves

▲ plant prior to flowering

▲▼  mature flowering plants

Miscanthus sinensis: Maiden Grass, Japanese Maiden Grass

Location near campus:  in ornamental grass bed toward southwest corner of Master Gardener areas north  of Botanical Center Building in Nathanael Green park at the Botanical Center.

         silver green leaves 4-6' long and about 1/2" wide and serrated margins

         general foliage height is 4-6'

         inflorescence is a digitate panicle produced in early to late fall arising 1-2' above foliage

         requires full sun; prefers moist, but well-drained soils, but is very adaptable except to very wet soils

         trim foliage back to ground in winter

         divide or move in spring to mid-summer

         common cultivars:

o    var. gracillimus (Dwarf Maiden Grass) has more slender leaves than species, about 1/4" wide

o   var. variegata (Variegated Maiden Grass) has white stripes running length of leaf-- different cultivars within this group have wider or narrower leaves and wider or narrower white stripes

o   var. zebrinus (Zebra Grass) has darker green leaves with 1/2-1' wide yellow bands running across leaf surfaces