Weeping Higan Cherry

Prunus subhirtella 'Higan' or 'Pendula'

Rosaceae (Rose Family)

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Location near Missouri State University campus: at corner of Loren and Green streets, south of campus

Weeping Higan Cherry (Prunus subhirtella var. pendula):

Leaves:  oblong to lanceolate; rougher textured above, dark green; pubescent on veins underneath; 1-4" long and 2 as wide

Stems:  slender, tan

Bark:  gray-tan with horizontal lenticels when young

Growth Habit/Size and Growth Rate:  15-20' tall, with weeping branches grafted onto standard at 4-6' above ground; semi-weeping habit; medium growth rate

Flowers:  usually double, pale pink in axillary clusters before leaves emerge in early spring

Fruit:  red drupe, but usually not produced

Growing Conditions:  prefers full sun, moist, well-drained soils, but very adaptable

Problems:  can live long time; very cold hardy, but diseases and insects can shorten life