Greek 301              Thucydides 			Fall 2003

	Edwin Carawan  Craig 390A    phone: 836-4831 

office hours: 1pm MWF, 12-12:30 & 1:30-2TTh


Texts and Materials: Thucydides, The Peloponnesian War, book II, ( ed. J.S. Rusten)
You will also need an Intermediate Greek Lexicon (or better)  and a reference grammar 
 (e.g. Smyth, Goodwin).

Free download of TekniaGreek font

Objectives:  The first aim of this study is to build a strong command of basic vocabulary, 
syntax and interpretive skills for reading Attic prose. 
You should also gain a general sense of the political and intellectual climate that informs 
these texts.
Requirements: competent translation from the Greek, based on command of vocabulary 
and grammar, using dictionary, commentary and other references. 

Translating in class should not  be a recitation of a prepared version.  
I would encourage you not to write out prepared translations--you will not be allowed 
to consult them in class.  
Keep a list of required vocabulary, esp. verbs with principal parts; 
and problematic constructions (e.g. conditions). 

The course grade will consist of 2-3 quizzes (total 50 pts), Final Examination (25) 
and record of daily participation.  

Quizzes tentatively sceduled,  on or about Oct. 2 and Nov. 6

Final Exam ...Thursday, Dec. 18  at 11am or as arranged.

For rules regarding attendance, make-ups,  non-discrimnation and special accomodations,
 see online Policy statement.

Quiz 1...  Tues. Oct. 7	

Quiz 2 ...Recititation and translation from Pericles Funeral Oration

Final Exam...  Translation and grammatical analysis for 3 passages:

2 out of 4 from material since Quiz 2--the Plague 47.2-54;  and Pericles' speech 59-65.
1 out of 2 from material not covered on Quiz 2--30-34 and 36-40.2.

--Special hours for Finals Week--