Herodotus Books 5.35ff. and Book 6:48 ff.
 Ionian revolt and Greek national character.
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 Be able to identify the following major figures and key events:
1) Ionian Revolt:
            Histiaeus and Aristagoras
            Cleomenes (king of Sparta)
            Tyrants expelled at Athens  (connect with tale of Pisistratus in Bk. 1)
            Aristagoras enlists Athenian aid
            Sack of Sardis
            Fall of Miletus (494, and Athenian reaction)
2) the road to Marathon (the war with Darius)
            Miltiades at Athens
            Double kingship at Sparta
            Demaratus and Leotychides
            Marathon (490)
            [epilogue: Cleisthenes (of the Alcmeonidae)]