MythNotes                                            Powell8 Chh. 18-19
            1.         Founding of Thebes (Cadmeia) and early kings
                        a.          Europa and bull
                        b.         Cadmus, Ares' serpent-son,  and Spartoi
                                                 Wedding of Cadmus and Harmonia
                                                             daughters: Ino, Agave, Semele, Autonoe 
                                                                                     (and their famous sons)
                        c.          Labdacus
                        d.         Lycus and Antiope, Amphion and Zethus
            2.         Saga of Oedipus: compare Homer's version and later tradition
                        a.          Laius, his curse, and his oracle
                        b.         Jocasta
                        c.          Oedipus and his oracle:  Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannus
                        d.         Tiresias
                        e.          Sphinx
                        f.          Death of Oedipus at Athens
                        g.         Antigone and Sophocles’ tragedy
            3.         Subsequent History of Thebes
                        a.          Polyneices and Eteocles
                        b.         Seven Against Thebes  (name 4)
                        c.          Creon and Haemon
                        d.         Epigoni  (Sons of the Seven)
Ch. 19.  JASON AND MEDEA (short version)
            1.         Legend of the Golden Fleece: Athamas and Ino, Phrixus and Helle.
            2.         Pelias and Aeson at Iolcus
            3.         Jason and Chiron
            4.         Voyage of the Argo
                        a.          crew of Argonauts (including Peleus, Meleager, Heracles)
                        b.         Lemnian Women 
                        c.          Phineus and the Harpies
                        d.         Symplegades
                        e.          Aeetes and Medea at Colchis 
                        f.          escape from Colchis; death of Apsyrtus
                        g.  Fantastic voyage (Apollonius' Argonautica)
                                     Up the Danube; Garden of Hesperides; encounter with Talus.
            5. Medea's magic
                        a.          death of Pelias
                        b.         Creon and Glauke at Corinth
                        c.          Aegeus gives refuge at Athens 
                        d.         with Medus to Persia
Meleager and the Calydonian Boar Hunt
Althaea and the Moirai
Atalanta vs the brothers of Althaea
[Chh. 20-1.  The Trojan War]