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Spreading Chervil, Wild Chervil

Chaerophyllum procumbens (L.) Crantz.

Apiaceae, the Carrot Family

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▲▼ mature, flowering plants

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Chaerophyllum procumbens  (L.) Crantz; Spreading Chervil, Wild Chervil: 

·         Cool-season annual or biennial in the Carrot family

      ·         First produces a rosette of overall triangular-shaped, but finely-divided leaves with slight parsley odor; first leaves have longer petioles than those on flowering stem (which may not have petioles); petiole bases expand to surround stem, where present

      ·         Inflorescences are open umbels of clusters of tiny white flowers; base of each sub-umbel surrounded by five elongated bracts

      ·         Fruit is hairless, upright, green, becoming yellow when ripe, about 0.25 inch long

      ·         Stems are smooth to slightly hairy, particularly on ridges

      ·         Found in open woods, landscapes

      ·         Similar Southern Chervil (Chaerophyllum tainturieri Hook.) has umbel stems that are slightly swollen below the sub-umbel flower clusters, while spreading chervil flowering stems are not swollen just below the flower clusters

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Posted 15 January 2019