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Birdfoot Trefoil

Lotus corniculatus L.

Fabaceae (Legume Family)

▲▼ plant growing in a lawn

▲ leaves and stem tip

▲▼ flowers

▲ plants with seed pods

 plants along a sidewalk

Birdsfoot Trefoil:

         a perennial that can produces stolons & rhizomes to form large colonies; grows 6-8 tall and sprawls out from there to 12-18 or more

         has 3-5 small leaflets; stems square at the top & round at the base

         flowers are bright yellow, pea-like in terminal umbels (clusters)

         used as for soil stabilization, roadsides & has escaped into lawns & other areas

          indicator of infertile, dry soils

         more common further north than here


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