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Broomsedge, Sedge Grass, Sage Grass

Andropogon virginicus L.)

Poaceae (Grass Family)

new growth from established plant in early summer

broomsedge at beginning of flowering

▲ flattened leaf sheaths and hairs on leaf blade margins

▲▼ dried flowering stems, showing sheath-like leaves that surround inflorescences

▼ ▲ orange-brown color of dried broomsedge in fall and winter


         native, warm-season perennial bunch-type grass, 2-3' tall

         related to native big and little bluestem grasses

         upright growth habit, grey-green foliage color

         hairs at base of leaves

         inflorescences are several short spike enclosed in leaf sheaths along flowering stem

         high populations of broomsedge usually indicate acid, low-fertility, over-grazed land

         palatable when young, but soon becomes stemmy and of low preference to cattle

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