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Cichorium intybus L.

Asteraceae (Aster Family)

▲▼ young rosettes

▲▼ mature rosette

▲ plant initiating flowering

▲▼ flowering plants

▲▼ flowering plants

▲▼ closer view of inflorescences/flowers


▲ flower

Cichorium intybus L., Chicory: (Bayer Code:  CICIN; US Code CIIN)

·         Simple perennial with large tap-root native to Europe

·         Native to Europe; roots used as coffee substitute or additive

·         Forms a basal rosette of leaves almost identical to dandelion leaves (lanceolate, with deep angular teeth), except usually more reddish than dandelion

·         Leaves of plant are eaten as one type of endive

·         Has bright blue flowers on 1-3' stalk that are open only in the morning or on very overcast days

·         Spreads readily by seed; found commonly on roadsides and in fields and pastures—is not toxic for grazing animals


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Updated 23 January 2019