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Common Mallow

(Malva neglecta Wallr.)

Malvaceae (Mallow Family)

mature plant



Common Mallow: 

        An annual or biennial weed, low-growing and spreading

        Leaves roundish, pubescent (like miniature geranium leaves) on long petioles

        Main stem fairly thick

        Flowers white to lavender, about across in leaf axils

        Mainly a lawn, garden & roadside weed

         Similar species -  roundleaf mallow:

o   Has similar leaves and growth habit to common mallow, but flowers  have shorter petals (less than 2x the length of the sepals) and fruit is smoother and rounder in shape than common mallow

o  Little Mallow is also very similar leaves to roundleaf mallow, but has slightly different fruit (shorter wings, and ridges on back side)


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