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Curly Dock

Rumex crispus L.

Polygonaceae (Smartweed Family)


early season growth

mid and  ▼ late season growth

▲ ▼ flowering plants

▲ ▼ plant in seed stage


*      simple perennial, rosette-forming, large tap-rooted weeds

*      usually found in pastures, range, abandoned fields; some in lawns

*      usually controlled by tillage or by post-emergent herbicides

*      inflorescence is a tall stem with terminal spikes of green flowers which mature to brownish seeds

*      curly dock

o   has rosette of wavy/crinkly edged leaves that are 1-3 wide and 6-18 long

o   leaves or petioles/stem bases often have reddish tinge

o   produces upright, branched flowering stems 18-48 tall in spring with greenish flowers that produce flat, winged seeds that turn reddish brown when mature

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