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(Cuscuta spp.)

Cuscutaceae (Dodder Family)

▲▼ dodder on sericea lespedeza plants

▲▼ Dodder on western ironweed in Kansas

▲ flower buds of dodder

close-up of stems


       annual, parasitic plant with twining, yellow-orange stems that attach to host plants to obtain water and nutrientsólooks like yellow-orange spaghetti growing over plants

       tiny flower clusters appear along twining stems, and produce abundant, dust-like seeds

       tiny seeds germinate, but once stems make contact with a host, the roots die off and the host becomes the main food/water source for the dodder

       commonly found on alfalfa, clovers, sericea lespedeza, vegetable gardens, other herbaceous crops

       a  number of different species exist, but all have similar appearance

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