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Field Thistle

Cirsium discolor L.

Asteraceae (Aster Family)

first year rosette

young plant

young plant showing leaf underside (whitish)

bolting plant

stem and leaves

▲▼ flowering plants


▲▼ flower buds, showing leafy bracts just below head inflorescences


▲▼ flower, with many narrow leaf-like bracts around inflorescence


▲ flower, showing the narrow spines and white marks on bracts below flowers  


▲ flower close-up 

Field Thistle:

         biennial or simple perennial weed common in southwest Missouri; similar to bull thistle except leaf undersides are white

         leaf bases do not extend down the stems as with bull thistles

         grows 2-5' tall, leaves deeply lobed with slender lobes ending in spines

         flowers purple; flower bracts similar to tall thistle, except they stand out from inflorescence more

         found in pastures, non-crop areas; prefers moister soils


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