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Japanese Blood Grass, Cogongrass (all-green-leaved form)

Imperata cylindrica

Poaceae (Grass Family)

▲  colony of Japanese Blood Grass used as groundcover

▲▼ close-ups showing red-tipped leaves

Imperata cylindrica:  Japanese Blood Grass

Location near campus:  toward eastern side of Xeriscape Garden at the corner of National Ave. and Linwood in Springfield.

·         cool-season creeping perennial grass with slender, upright leaf blades with red tips

·         forms dense colonies that spread slowly to quickly

·         remove any all-green-leaved sprouts in colonies as they are quite invasive

·         green-leaved form is called cogongrass, a very serious noxious weed in southeastern U.S.

·         flowers are not too showy—small panicles within the 1-2 foot tall foliage

·         prefers moist, fertile soils; full-sun to part shade

·         does not do well in dry soils, particularly in full sun


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