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Datura stramonium L.

Solanaceae (Nightshade Family)

mature plant

▲ ▼ flowers



·         Summer annual broadleaf weed  with stout, purple-green branching stems

·         Grows 1-5’ tall, with jagged triangular leaves; both stems & leaves have strong odor if bruised

·         Flowers large, lavender to white, trumpet-shaped, opening more at night

·         Seed capsule is large, with many spines—looks like small spiny “grenade”

·         Plant was linked to witchcraft in Europe—if you had the weed growing in your yard, your were suspected to be involved with witchcraft

·         Jimsonweed name came from “Jamestown weed”—it first appeared in U.S. with Jamestown settlers

·         Seeds are deadly poisonous to eat

·         Is common in many cultivated crops; can be found in pastures, non-crop areas

·         Similar to velvetleaf in crop damage potential

·         Similar species, sacred datura, toloache or moonvine:

o   has larger, more hairy leaves

o   hairy stems

o   has larger flowers that open at night and are often quite fragrant

o   fruit is similar

o   usually not a weed problem, though

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