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Slimseed Spurge, Slimseed Sandmat

Euphorbia stictospora Engelm.

[also called Chamaesyce stictospora (Engelm.) Small]

Euphorbiaceae (Spurge Family)

▲ young plant, already flowering

▲▼ mature, flowering plants

▲ leaf close-ups

▲▼ flower and fruit details

Slimseed Spurge, Slimseed Sandmat

·         Summer annual plant with a ground-hugging (prostrate), spreading growth habit—grows 2-3 inches tall and 6-18 inches wide

·         Leaves are small, oval-shaped, with marginal teeth toward the upper half of the leaf, and many long, soft hairs on the leaves and stems;  will not have purple spots on the leaves

·         Stems are greenish to greenish-pink or pinkish  or sometimes reddish and covered with long hairs

·         Fruit is a 3 sided capsule, with many hairs, more toward the base of the capsule; styles are very short and not divided; cyathia (flower) may have tiny white petal-like appendages



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