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Spiny Amaranth

Amaranthus spinosus L.

Amaranthaceae (Pigweed Family)

▲ seedlings

▲ ▼ young, mature plant, showing red and silvery markings on leaves

▲ ▼ axillary inflorescences, with spines



▲ ▼ mature plants 

▲ ▼ mature plants

▲ ▼ mature plants


Amaranthus spinosus L.; Spiny Amaranth: (Bayer Code:  AMASP; US Code AMSP)

         Warm-season, aggressive annual weed with pyramidal branching growth habit

         Stems often deep pinkish red

         Spines at nodes on stem and in inflorescence

         Terminal inflorescence is thick and long, often with spines sticking out from it

         Leaves elongated ovals, sometimes with silvery "V" marking on leaves

         Found in pastures, cultivated fields, roadsides, disturbed soils, non-crop areas

         More common in southern U.S. (including here)



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Updated 15 January 2019