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Spotted Spurge

Euphorbia maculata (L.) Small

(also called Chamaescyce maculata)

Euphorbiaceae (Spurge Family)


▲ ▼ young, mature plants

▲ ▼ flowering plants

▲ flower and fruit detail

▲ ▼ mature plants showing purplish spots on leaves

Spotted Spurge:  

         It usually grows smaller than Prostrate Spurge (at least not as broad-spreading as prostrate spurge

         Has purplish spots on its leaves which also may be toothed on edges; tends to have scattered long hairs on upper leaf surface, and more dense hairs underneath; stems similar to prostrate spurge

         Stems may root at the nodes

         Capsules are evenly covered with hair without pronounced angle hair; styles are divided about to 1/3 their length, with pink bulb-like tips

         Similar Spreading Sandmat has capsules that are lightly covered with incurved hairs; style is split about half way; cyathia (flower) is split on one side; another prostrate-growing spurge, Creeping Sandmat, has smaller, oval to almost rounded, hairless leaves and fruit

         Also has milky sap  when stems or leaves are broken, making it easy to distinguish from Prostrate Knotweed


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