GRK 302                                                                   Spring 2009


Edwin Carawan    phone: 836-4831


office hours: 1pm MWF, 3:30 TTh (Craig 390A)



Texts: Aristophanes Clouds, K.J. Dover ed., Oxford 1968 (or subsequent edn.) Liddell & Scott, An Intermediate Greek Lexicon (OUP).  You will also be expected to review grammar from Smyth (pdf. provided) or whatever handy reference.     


After Clouds we proceed to Lysistrata.  Recommended text is Henderson's OUP edition with commentary.


Consult this page regularly for grammar help and schedule updates.


Objectives:  This will be your introduction to Greek poetry, and you should try to master the iambic trimeter, gain a reasonable facility with the lyric meters. And continue to study the political and intellectual climate that informs  this influential text.


Requirements: competent translation from the Greek, based on command of vocabulary and grammar, using dictionary, commentary and other references. Basic competence in the poetic meters.


Translating in class should not be a recitation of a prepared version.  I urge you not to write out prepared translations--you will not be allowed to consult them in class.  Keep a list of essential vocabulary with principal parts and problematic constructions.



The course grade will consist of 2-3 quizzes (1/3), Final Examination (1/3) and record of daily participation (1/3. 


For each day’s participation, you should be prepared to read aloud with some facility, translate accurately, and be informed of the issues and background (as introduced by Dover et al.).


 For rules regarding attendance, make-ups,  non-discrimnation and special accomodations,  see online Policy statement.


Get feel for the lyric sections with Clouds Parodos.


Tentative schedule of tests


Quiz 1  (on or about) Feb. 17 (Tues.):  you will have a choice of passages to translate, and a choice of lines to scan or recite.



Spring Break, Mar. 23-27, no class:

 For Mar. 31 ... read Henderson' intro to Lysistrata, xv-xlv, and begin with lines 1-112.

 Lampito’s Doric

Quiz 2 ... Apr. 7 (or as arranged)
The inevitable Dual		Review Conditions 

.Trochaic Tetrameter



Final Exam ... Thurday May 14, 11am (or as arranged)