Greek 503                                                                 Fall 2007


Edwin Carawan    phone: 836-4831 
office hours: 1pm MWF 2TTh (Craig 390A)



Texts: Aristophanes' Lysistrata,  Henderson ed.; you will also needed (at a minimum) Liddell & Scott,  An Intermediate Greek Lexicon (OUP).

You will also be expected to review grammar from Smyth or other handy reference.      


Consult this page regularly for grammar help and schedule updates.


Objectives:  For advanced study in Greek comedy, you should develop several skills: master the iambic trimeter and gain a reasonable facility with the lyric meters; continue to study the political and intellectual climate that informs this text.


Requirements: accurate and effective translation from the Greek, based on command of vocabulary and grammar, using dictionary, commentary and other references. Basic competence in the poetic meters.

We work towards a translation that captures the grammatical connections and topical allusions (as well as we can).  You will also develop a facility for explaining peculiarities of dialect, prosody (meter etc.), and textual problems (attention to the apparatus criticus).


The course grade will consist of a mid-term quiz (20 pts), Final Examination (30) and record of daily participation. 


For rules regarding attendance, make-ups,  non-discrimination and special accomodations,  see online Policy statement.




Mid-term Quiz: (on or about)Nov. 8 ... you will have a choice of passages to translate.
Comic trimeters
Lampito’s Doric
The inevitable Dual
Review Conditions 
Trochaic Tetrameter


Final Exam ... Tuesday Dec. 11, 11am or as arranged.