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Creeping Spurge, Creeping Sandmat, Matted Sandmat

Euphorbia serpens Kunth.

[also called Chamaesyce serpens (Kunth.) Small]

Euphorbiaceae (Spurge Family)

▲ seedling

▲▼ mature, flowering plants

▲▼ closer view of flowering stems

▲ flower and fruit (seed capsule) close-up

▲ Prostrate Spurge (left), creeping sandmat (right)

Creeping Sandmat

         Has small, oval to almost round leaves with no teeth or purple spots; leaves smaller than most other prostrate-growing spurges

         Stems are green to pinkish red and do not root at the nodes; no hairs on stems or leaves

         Capsule is smooth and styles are split to their length

         Appears similar to Prostrate Spurge, Spotted Spurge and Spreading Sandmat, but lacks the teeth or spots on the leaves and has no hairs on the stems

         Flowers are smaller and leaves are more rounded than White-Margined Spurge

          Has milky sap if stems or leaves are broken

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