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Virginia Copperleaf, Virginia Threeseed Mercury

Acalypha virginica L.

Euphorbiaceae (Spurge Family)



▲ ▼ seedlings/young plants

young plant

▲ ▼ mature plants

closer view of flowering stem

▲ ▼ fall color of virginia copperleaf

Virginia Copperleaf

        summer annual, growing 6-24 tall with upright, slightly to moderately branched stems

        leaves are elongated to lanceolate, often coppery to reddish color in full sun, or late in summer

        inflorescence in small clusters in the axils of the leaves, with fringed, leafy bracts between/around flowers

        does not have milky sap

        does not have irritating hairs as does hophornbeam copperleaf

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