Desert Ecology (taught as Bio 527)


Itinerary for 2012
Class assignments

Pre-trip activities:
Independent projects
List of things to bring
  Dietary survey
  Medical form

  Pre-trip quiz
Quiz answers

Basic Desert Information
The desert environment
  Specific US deserts and desert organisms

DESERTS chapters (James MacMahon)
    Forward and Introduction
    Chihuahuan Desert
    Sonoran Desert
    Mojave Desert
    Great Basin Desert
    Desert Plants
    Desert Adaptations

Links to websites for our deserts sites:
Indio Ranch (UTEP)
    Arizona-Sonora Desert Mus.
    Joshua Tree National Park
    Soda Springs Desert Studies Ctr
    Mojave National Preserve
    Lytle Nature Preserve (BYU)
    Zions National Park
    Desert Experimental Range
    Great Basin National Park
    Sevilleta National Wildlife Preserve


                        More photos from 2003 trip

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