Guide for Quiz 3:


1) Again the emphasis will be on TRANSLATION.

2) You will have (a) one grammar drill, based on “Practice with Infinitives

  and (b) a fill-in-the-blank on comparatives


3) But the passages for translation will emphasize the grammar in recent lessons:

(a) Indirect statement with infinitive or participle; (b) articular infinitives;

(c) ὅπως + future, with περὶ πολλοῦ ποιεῖσθαι, κτλ. and

    (4) comparable subjunctive uses (esp. purpose with ἵνα/ὅπως).


To simplify preparation, focus on the following passages:


 “Pericles” pp. 120-1 (all)

Jewish War 1. 107-12 (abridged)

“Herodotus’ History” pp. 136 (all)

Matt. 26 (abridged)